Eli Ramos

They/them. B.S. Biology and Minor in Journalism from the University of San Francisco (2020). Head of Aster Podcasting Network and creator of Under the Electric Stars. I also write articles.

I usually call myself a jack of all trades, which is easier than saying that I'm a science communicator, journalist, lab technician, audio and video editor, producer, director, actor, musician, entomologist, and creative writer. And that's just scratching the surface. Check out some of the work I do below and feel free to message me about whatever you want to hear more about.

Selected Work

‣ Creator and Sound Editor of Under the Electric Stars
‣ Creator and Sound Editor of The Sound of Your Name and Aster Podcasting Presents
‣ Sound Editor for Crown Jewels
‣ Sound Editor for Spectral Evidence
‣ Sound Editor for Hail and Well Met! from Wav Drama

Video Editing
How can we describe gender? (2021) | The Exploratorium (After Dark Online)
Under the Electric Stars Trailer (2020) | Under the Electric Stars

Towards Museum Inclusion (2021) | Museum Education Roundtable
"Racelessness' and the color (or lack thereof) of stories from white creators (2020) | Blog Post
Lasang Pilipino: A look at Filipino food’s rise to fame" (2020) | Blog Post
San Francisco Shrooms (2020) | The Ignatian Literary Magazine

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